We are an international provider of clinical software, connectivity and clinical solutions.Comprised of 3 major business groups:1. Rural Health2. Emergency Medicine Solutions3. Hospital Information SystemsDownload our brochure to learn more

ClinNet™ / ClinNext™ is the result of a multidisciplinary team whose primary purpose is to reengineer the flow of clinical and administrative processes through the use and application of advanced technology. EHR process of analysis, design and implementation has resulted in an integrated, cutting-edge application.Various multidisciplinary teams from hospital medical institutions have worked together with ClinNext during the design and development of all our products. This effort has contributed to the development of a product easy to use with high level of acceptance among users.We focus on providing information solutions to the healthcare industry. Our user-friendly information management solution is a robust, scalable, fully distributed multi-tier component-based system built using Microsoft architecture. It takes advantage of the next generation of Microsoft development tools and components.Our products have been intuitively designed so that they can be implemented with minimum training. Our solution has been implemented for the management of Hospitals, Clinics, Emergency Rooms, stand-alone Laboratories and Imaging Centers, Physician Group Practice and Government Hospital networks where the implementation of a unique Patient Medical Record is a vital part of their operation.ClinNext is one of the largest EHR/HIS providers in the Health Care & Technology field in Puerto Rico. Thanks to ClinNext’s performance and achievements, more than 15 hospitals and 40 Diagnostic -Treatment centers are now in our client roster. We have carried out our mission to obtain the highest certifications in the market to ensure our client’s success and compliance with all federal requirements. 

The names and positions of our "Key Leaders".

Efrén Santiago - Vice President

Carlos Acosta - Chief Technology Officer

José Morales - Technical Support Director


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