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Designed from the ground up for mobile devices with complete touch support using the latest HTML5 and JavaScript technology.Runs on any iOS, Android or Windows based mobile devices including tablets and phones.Runs on any Windows/Mac desktop or laptop, or any device that can run a web browser.Full touch support including touch, double tap, drag and drop, and touch and hold using mobile devices.Responsive/Adaptive design where the screen layout adapts to the user's device, permitting a seamless visualization on devices of any screen size including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop systems.


Configurable & Customizable

Document/Folio Viewer allows viewing all digitized documents for a visit or the entire patient record.LinkedIn/Facebook type or email notifications available for out of range results or vitals, and patient illness severity index. Easily configure new alert rules and email messages using configurable templates.Clinical Registration using a minimal set of key information, provides for a quick and effective registration process.Lab/Radiology/Medication orders and drug-drug, drug-allergy alerts.Carefully designed Patient Banner keeps key patient information always visible to the end user.Configure to print to nearest network printers using GPS location directly from your mobile device. Out of the box system provides various printing templates including Laboratory/Demographic labels, Bracelet, ER Summary sheet, Consent form, Signs and Symptoms or any other medical form.Financial registration support allows to document Patient demographics, Employer, Guarantor and Insurance information, Arrival mode, Cause of death, and Accident information.Full Clinical documentation including vitals, chief complaint, immunization history, family/self-health history, diagnoses, pain assessment, allergies, current medications, progress notes, patient surgeries, obstetrics history, transplant/implant history, physical examination, social history, blood transfusion, pain assessment, HPI, review of systems, paper doll to document pain and injuries, and patient disposition.Clinical documentation can be enhanced as needed using a fully configurable template.

Build and customize medical forms using a simple, easy to use drag and drop configuration tool that allow you to build, tailor, and preview your own forms.Full configuration of input fields as required, visible, or disabled, allow you to establish your own documentation goals and ensure that your clinical documentation needs are fully met.Fully configurable permission scheme using roles and exceptions at medical form, patient list, and field level.Customizable look and feel based on the client needs. The system uses font Icons and style templates, allowing to easily change the color of icons and fonts and easily apply any desired color scheme to the entire application.Full localization support for English/Spanish Languages and Culture settings for all lookup items including assessments, labels and controls, and the ability to support other languages. Allows the user to set and persist language, culture, and default patient list preferences.Full customization of clinical assessment forms using multiple/single choice, free text, date time or date types of questions/answers that can have multiple levels of indentation and dependencies. It also allows to configure scored clinical assessments and most frequently used answers.Create and configure your own buttons using an editor that lets you define visibility rules, assign buttons to medical forms or create new buttons. Configured buttons become visible immediately based on rules when the patient is selected.Configurable Patient and Orders Work lists. Create as many work lists as needed. Out of the box available work lists include: Patient List, Pending orders, Pending Financial Registration, My patients, Pending triage, Pending assessment, and 24 hour discharge list.Digitization support creates PDF file that captures a snapshot of all saved clinical information, every time a form is signed.AutoSave feature periodically saves all your work, preventing the loss of valuable data in case of network or power outages.

Runs on any device with a web browser.

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