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Stage 3 Meaningful Use Objectives For Eligible HospitalsProtect Patient DataProtect ePHI on EHR through physical, technical, administrative safeguardsElectronic PrescribingGenerate and transmit discharge prescriptions electronicallyClinical Decision SupportImplement CDS interventions with high-priority conditionsCPOEUse CPOE for Rx, labs & diagnostic imagingPatient AccessProvide access for patients to view, download, transmit, retrieve health dataPatient EngagementUse EHR functions to engage with patient about their careHIEEnsure summary of care record is transmitted or captured electronically into EHRData ReportingActive engagement with public health agencies and clinical data registriesConduct/review security risk analysis in accordance with HIPAA for EHR reporting period a>25% of hospital discharge Rx orders for new/change prescriptions are queried for drug formulary & transmitted using CEHRT1. Use 5 CDS interventions for 4+ CQMs for high priority conditions2. Implement drug-drug & drug-allergy interaction check for same period1. >80% of Rx orders recorded using CPOE2. >60% of lab orders recorded using CPOE3. >60% of diagnostic imaging recorded using CPOE1. Provide access to view/download/transmit or retrieve patient's data through API w/in 24hrs of availability for >80% patients2. Provide patient-specific education resources & provide eAccess to >35%1. >25% inpatient/ED patients engage w/EHR (view/download/transmit/retrieve)2. >35% had secure message sent from provider3. Non-clinical patient data incorporated into EHR for >15% inpatient/ED patients b1. Create care summary record w/ EHR & exchange electronically for >50% care transitions/referrals2. Care summary put in EHR for >40% transitions/referrals/new patient encounters3. Perform clinical info reconciliation for >80% of these cOption 1: Complete registration to submit data to PHA/CDR. Option 2: In process of testing/validating e-data submission. Option 3: Electronically submit production data (Hospital must attest to 4 of 6 measures) da) Note: Narrower than HIPAA security risk analysis requirement.b) Exclusive: CAH or hospital that does not have >50% of its housing units w/ 4Mbps broadband availability according to recent FCC data on first day of EHR reporting period.c) Exclusive: 1. CAH or hospital that does not have >50% of its housing units w/ 4Mbps 2. Hospital or CAH that is in county that does not have >50% or more of its housing units w/ 4Mbps broadband availability.d) Note: 6 measures include: immunization registry reporting, syndromic surveillance reporting, case reporting, public health registry reporting, clinical data registry reporting, electronic reportable laboratory results.

Meaningful Use ConsultantsOur EHR Adoption Consulting Services division provides clients with the guidance they need in order to comply. Meaningful use means providers need to show they are using certified EHR technology in ways that can be measured significantly in quality and in quantity.The CMS Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive programs have evolved into three stages of meaningful use with their own goals, priorities, and their own final rule, ClinNext will be there every step of the way for our customers. We continue to monitor the development of meaningful use criteria for Stage 3, which is expected to focus on Improved Outcomes.  We have begun the design process of new functionalities and/or product functional changes in order to actively pursue Stage 3 certification. Please contact our Consulting Department for more information 787-613-8206 or email us through our contact tab.


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