• Multi-language (English/Spanish)
  • Fully automated system that receives laboratory orders from all departments
  • Receives results from multiple laboratory instruments through interfaces
  • Prints barcoded labels for the correct identification of each blood sample tube from the patient
  • Allows management of the various laboratory departments to access all laboratory areas from a single computer
  • Results are available electronically in all areas and departments in the system at the moment the result is released by the laboratory
  • Offers various statistical reports for monitoring performance and maximizing resource utilization
  • Results are electronically signed by the technologist


  • Contractual adjustments are calculated immediately based on insurance type
  • Automatic Anesthesia calculation based on percentages
  • Electronic Billing
  • Electronic Payment Posting at detail level
  • APC & DRG calculation for Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans
  • LCD/NCD alerts at point of service
  • Online Aging Balances


Offers our ClinNext customers an administrative view of the most important indicators in their facility

  • Provides information for organizational planning and decision making
  • Enables organizations to perform ad-hoc reporting and querying with a way to measure performance and goal achievement, from the performance of nurses to the average length of time between patients
  • Accessible directly from ClinNext Applications or remotely

Business Intelligence

The Coding Module embraces ICD, CPT/HCPCS and Morphology coding systems. The Compliance Module allows for both interactive and batch auditing of accounts.  Interactive audit criteria can be created to require a Compliance Auditor to review the encounter prior to release for billing, to ensure maximum reimbursement. Retrospective Compliance Audits (batch) allow the facility to correct coding deficiencies by studying coding patterns that can reveal documentation deficiencies as well as coder deficiencies.

The Coding Module was designed to accommodate the ICD-10 coding system, as well as multiple DRG assignment/pricing methodologies, and full APC assignment/pricing methodologies. These capabilities apply both to Medicare, and increasingly to other payers as well.

  • Accommodates multiple:
    • ICD-10 versions/releases
    • CPT/HCPCS/APC versions/releases
    • DRG Groupers, and versioning with each Grouper type
  • Automated pricing for both DRGs and APCs
  • Includes Index, keyword and Tabular searches for all coding systems
  • Provides typical Code Edits (Gender, Adult, Pediatric, Newborn, Maternity, etc.) for all ICD-9 and CPT/HCPCS codes, which may be configured by Patient Type, Service Area, Financial Class and Insurance
  • When assigning DRGs, allows the user to investigate other possible, relevant DRG assignments
  • Allows assignment of encounters based on Patient Type, Service Area, Financial Class, Insurance, dollar amount
  • Permits retrospective auditing of encounters by coder, physician, diagnoses, procedures and other criteria

Coding & Compliance

  • Multi-language (English/Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Patient Self-Registration Kiosk
  • Fully configurable CPOE (Order Entry) module
  • Fully configurable Nurse/Physician assessment forms
  • Fully configurable Vitals module, including growth charts and BMI
  • Built-in support for Welch-Allyn vital signs capture devices
  • ER Dashboard for quick patient Triage
  • Powerful and Intuitive EHR Document Viewer
  • Consolidated Progress Notes for ease of medical collaboration
  • Security and access fully configurable to prevent unauthorized access
  • Integration with Active Directory

Emergency Room


  • Multi-language (English/Spanish)
  • Receives all service orders from Emergency Room, Nurse Station, or Ambulatory departments
  • Sends demographics or forms to radiology team via electronic interface
  • Generates bar code labels to identify orders, results or study
  • Receives reading results through electronic interface and generates the billing charges corresponding to the services provided
  • Application manages multiple facilities
  • Visual indicators (customizable color scheme) of different processes within the main screen
  • Transcription system interface with Dragon Speech Recognition software
  • Customization of the short-cuts in transcription like macros
  • Records user’s preferred search criteria combinations for future use

Provides the patient with a label containing his turn, date and time or arrival. Supports the Emergency Room staff with an electronic tool to call the patient in order.


ClinNext Agenda allows you to easily and quickly setup and manage all patient appointments to a multi-facility setting.

The Agenda module has the following key features:

  • Multi-language (English/Spanish)
  • Multi-facility – Facilities can be easily added at any time, providing room for facility growth
  • Highly configurable – It provides for easy configuration of Calendars, Resources, Time Slots,   Time-off, Views, and Access control (visibility)
  • Dated statistical reports
  • Bulk-event and resource re-scheduling


  • Multi-language (English/Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Full integration with ClinNext Agenda
  • Fully configurable CPOE (Order Entry) module
  • Fully configurable Nurse/Physician assessment forms
  • Fully configurable Vitals module, including growth charts and BMI
  • Powerful and Intuitive EHR Document Viewer
  • Consolidated Progress Notes for ease of medical collaboration
  • Built-in support for Welch-Allyn vital signs capture devices
  • Security and access fully configurable to prevent unauthorized users
  • Integration with Active Directory


EHRs play an important role in the ICD-10 coding process—they serve as the primary diagnosis entry point, with diagnoses typically captured in multiple places in an EHR workflow, including the problem list and as encounter diagnoses. ICD-10 will benefit doctors, patients, and our healthcare system. Through expanded categories and diagnosis codes, ICD-10 will foster a more accurate reporting system that will result in better clinical decision support.

Medical professionals who use web-based complete EHRs like ClinNext will fare better during this transition. Since mappings from ICD-9 to ICD-10 are not one-to-one, ClinNext helps guide users to the appropriate ICD-10 diagnosis and, in some cases, automate the conversion from one code-system to another. This helps ensure that users are selecting the most specific, billable, ICD-10 code for a particular diagnosis category.

We’re here to help make the ICD-10 transition smooth and stress-free. For more information please contact our Consulting Services Department.

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Affordability, Quality & CostWe are committed to increasing the affordability of health care information systems. We all know that the cost of HIS & OPD Systems is climbing faster than inflation and wages. This increase makes today’s systems less affordable for an increasing number of Hospitals and Health Care Clinics each year.That is why…At ClinNext, we are truly committed and dedicated to helping healthcare organizations improve patient care.Cost and Limitations Apply – Stage 2    Cost and Limitations Apply – Stage 3

  • Multi-language (English/Spanish)
  • Processes medical orders provided by medication administration
  • Ability to print labels for packaging prescriptions
  • Generates charges at the time the prescription is dispatched
  • Detects drug interaction between medications and patient allergies
  • Fully configurable drug formulary
  • Full integration with Medi-Span®, the leading provider of drug information for thousands of health care professionals worldwide
  • Custom Drug Alerts
  • Patient Medication History
  • Multiple Facilities Census
  • Receives orders directly from the Nurse Station
  • Generates reports with statistics of all medication dispatches
  • Fully Configurable Drug Formulary
  • Multifacility capability with the ability to configure different forms for each facility
  • Interface capabilities with prescription dispatch systems like Pyxis and Omnicell


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